A full suite of Virtual Reality models deployed throughout the therapeutic process.

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A multi-sensory memory library

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An awe-evoking scenario

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A digital diazepam

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A transition space

AnchoringVR™ acts as a bridge between normal and altered states of consciousness, that is always accessible to the user.

AnchoringVR uses multi-sensory anchors of self-expression to record insights that emerge during dosing, which can then be revisited during integration. VR is used either during the peak phase of the dosing session in the psycholytic model or towards the end of the psychedelic experience in the psychedelic psychotherapy model. When reapplied during integration, it improves access, comfort and ease of addressing key insights. This enhances the consolidation of memories

Anchoring VR Step 1: Create Anchors


  • Express your insights and feelings
  • Build a multisensory memory library
  • Record insights in your own voice
Create Anchors
Anchoring VR Step 2: Revisit Anchors

Therapy Session

  • Revisit your insights and feelings
  • Visit multisensory memory library
  • Listen to insights in your own voice
Revisit Anchors
Anchoring VR 3: Explore Anchors


  • Build connections between your insights and feelings.
  • Expand multisensory memory library
  • Create real life actions from your insights
Explore & Expand Anchors

SurrenderVR acts as a buffering zone that eases entry into an altered state of consciousness, maintaining the focus on intention and inspiring a deeper ASC experience.

SurrenderVR is used to encourage a sense of openness and letting go when submitting to the effects of psychedelics during pre-peak phase of the dosing session. By providing a personalised, immersive setting that buffers  internal dialogue, it distracts from the anxiety which can impede surrendering to the psychedelic experience. It is also personalised during the intention setting process with the user building a personal totem from different available elements, that are then included in the final

surrender vr 1st step

1st Session

  • Intention setting process
  • Participant builds a personal totem from different available elements, that is then included in the final scenario.
Create Intention Totem
surrender vr 2nd step

Therapy Session

  • Personal totem is imported to the final scenario
  • Focus on intention  via personalised, immersive setting that distracts from anxiety or internal dialogue
Focus on Your Totem
surrender vr 3rd step


  • Final model is exported and provided for the patient to take home
  • Having access to personalized intention anywhere, anytime
Return to Your Totem

GroundingVR is used to establish a meditative mind state before every therapeutic session. Users can construct their surroundings to be the most soothing and inspiring for them.

grounding vr scenario

All Sessions

  • Establishes a meditative mind state before every therapeutic session
  • Participants construct their surroundings in the way that is the most soothing for them
  • No therapist input required
  • Can be used during waiting time
Smooth Transition into Therapy

RescueVR can be used to reliably and reversibly pull the user out of the acute psychedelic experience in case of severe psychological distress, without irrevocably terminating the experience.

Anchoring VR scenario

Dosing Session

  • User chooses a safe space
  • An engaging VR world offers competing stimulus for the psychedelic stimuli
  • Halting an overly-challenging or otherwise detrimental psychological state
  • User returns to the psychedelic experience once settled.
Transient Break From The Experience
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