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Pioneering the field of Spatial Therapeutics 

Enosis Therapeutics is automating the psychological domains of human optimisation by pushing the boundaries of immersive technology.

Because therapy is more than just a conversation.
Map out your psychotopology

Visualise your mind.
You cannot work with what you cannot see.

Uncover your inner healing intelligence

We all possess a deep wisdom and the capacity to heal.
Unlock that for greater mastery over your psyche.

Built for spatial

The human-digital interface is evolving.
Leverage the unique capabilities of 3-dimensional technology

“The reality is that psychedelic therapy is a process. There’s the psychedelic session, but there’s all the rest of it: the psychotherapy, the experience design, therapist training, the setting, all of which have completely been ignored because of this capitalist drive towards what you can build an IP moat around.”

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"In contrast to passive scene-setting environments or interactive gaming-based scenarios, our data shows that by prioritizing a patient-centered experience design combined with carefully constructed clinical protocols, clinicians, scientists, therapists and institutions can utilize VR as a powerful new tool in their efforts to transform patients' lives."

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A Data Driven Paradigm Shift In Psychological Exploration 


Psychedelics + VR study
VR facilitated psychotherapy
Mind-mapping VR technology


Personalised to each individual patient Changeable content with every session
Reliable audio records


Emotional activation match between profound experiences and the VR induced experience


Stronger session recall of psychological and emotional content from session to session

Revolutionizing Human Optimization

Enosis Therapeutics is a SaaS company that is automating the psychological domains of human optimisation by pushing the boundaries of immersive technology

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Operationalise your IP into a working model ready for licensing or scale

Drug Developers

Drug + device as combination therapy ensures greater efficiency and encapsulates a larger IP moat


Ease the introduction of your IP into the real world clinical environment


Start building a dynamic model of your mind that you can engage with and explore

Explore, evolve, and empower
your inner world now.

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