Psychedelic therapy has lost touch
with its ancient roots

The scalable therapeutic
model is not optimal.

The optimal therapeutic
model is not scalable.

Like all memories, psychedelic insights fade

The optimal therapy process would provide ongoing access to psychedelic insights, long after integration
AnchoringVR™ creates a psychedelic memory library

Like any memory, valuable psychedelic insights from therapy fade over time. We use AnchoringVR™ to evoke an ASC where patients can store and subsequently reflect upon psychedelic insights gained during the therapy session.

Extended integration is a challenge due to resource limitations

VRPP improves access to integration services by allowing
any therapist to pick up where formal integration left off
AnchoringVR™ shelters patients from the therapeutic cliff one

The end of the formal integration process can be a vulnerable time. Trained therapists are a scarce resource, lacking the capacity to support extended integration.

A transferable package of emotionally anchored, qualitative, raw data

The patient can take their data with them for ongoing integration and psychotherapeutic work.

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