Episode 187: The Inbetween Reality of Psychedelics and VR Therapy

Agnieszka Sekula is a researcher at Swinburne University and a co-founder of Enosis Therapeutics Pty Ltd. Her research focuses on investigating therapeutic mechanisms in psychedelic treatment that can be strengthened through experience design and translating findings of this research into real life application, by developing virtual reality scenarios. She recently conducted the World’s first ever case study with the use of VR and psychedelics. Enosis native VR scenarios use an innovative, patent pending mechanism, AnchoringVR™, which preserves the profound but elusive psychological insights that emerge during the psychedelic experience.

Agnieszka is a scientist with a background in biomedical science and psychology. She used cutting edge biotech tools, including customized imaging robots, 3D modelling and VR, to innovate medical research all over the world, including forensic medicine in Switzerland, space medicine in Austria and translational science in Singapore. Her work has been displayed worldwide, including Shanghai EXPO, Florence Biennale or Sounds of Space Exhibition in Austria. For her outreach efforts, Agnieszka won the best speaker award at 3D MED Australia and the MiLabs Image of the Year award, among others.


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